Film: GoldenEye
Scene: Bungee Jump
Client: MGM
Description:The bungee jump for GoldenEye was a world record breaker – the highest ever bungee jump from a fixed position. Shouting “Action” was one of the most nerve-wracking moments of my career…probably even more so for Wayne Michaels who actually made the spectacular jump.
Contact: Duncan Heath

Film: GoldenEye
Scene: Tank Chase
Client: MGM
Description:The tank chase I shot was one of the top action sequences in film history. “Metal Mickey”, as the 54-ton monster became affectionately known, demolished 2 panavision cameras but left the crew unscathed. Unbelievably dangerous without a single accident, of which I, stunt arrange Simon Crane and DOP Harvey Harrison are immensely proud.
Contact: Duncan Heath

Film: Mrs Caldicot’s Cabbage Wars
Scene: Funeral/Nursing Home Tour
Client: Evolution Films
Description: This little Indie film had no major distribution but won the Audience Choice at the Chichester Film Festival, won the Comedy Award at the Emden Festival and had special mention at the Taormina Festival. Pauline Collins’ comedy talent is known worldwide, but here you’ll see what an amazing actress she really is.
Contact: Duncan Heath


Title: Codename: Kyril
Scene: Movie Edit
Client: HTV/Showtime Cable
Description: A cold war thriller by the amazing Beryl Vertue who put together a galaxy of stars for me to play with. They include Edward Woodward, Joss Ackland, Richard E. Grant, Ian Charleson, Denholm Elliott and Peter Vaughan.

Title: Pleasure
Scene: Movie Edit
Client: Channel 4
Description: Pleasure by title and a pleasure to direct part of Alan Bleasdale’s “First Time Writers” series for Channel 4. An off-the-wall comedy shot in Rouen and Paris with Adrian Dunbar and Jennifer Ehle. What a terrific pair! Produced by my old university mate, Steve Hawes.

Title: Secret Weapon
Scene: Setting The Trap
Client: Ted Turner Television USA and LWT
Description: From an excellent script by Nick (“The Horses Whisperer”) Evans, it traces the story of Mordecai Vanunu, the Israeli nuclear whistle blower, who revealed intelligence to the Sunday Times before Mossad set up a honey-pot trap and abducted him in Rome.

Title: Tess of the D’Urbervilles
Scene: Whistling
Client: London Weekend Television
Description: From the brilliant adaptation by Ted Whitehead, this film was made entirely on location in seven weeks between September and November. The weather changed every day to coincide with the precise description in the novel. Spooky or what? A “whistling to work” experience!


Brand: Frosties
Title: Bikes
Client: Kellogs
Description: Drawing on the experience of 5 months on “Who Framed Roger Rabbit”, the tremendously talented animator Andrew Painter and I were encouraged by the agency creatives to push the boundaries of live action/animation to their limits.
Contact: Ian Sharp on 07789 953222

Brand: Heineken
Title: Soldiers
Client: Heineken
Description: An inspired piece of writing by Paul Steenjes, Creative Head at JWT Frankfurt, who was deeply moved by events in the Balkans. We made it for no fees but unfortunately Heineken found it too hot to handle and it was never shown.
Contact: Ian Sharp on 07789 953222

Brand: Honda
Title: Accord Mirror
Client: Honda
Description: Shot on the Navajo Reservation at the top end of the Grand Canyon with Hannibal Lector doing the voice-over!
Contact: Ian Sharp on 07789 953222

Brand: Shreddies
Title: Oliver Twist
Client: Nestle
Description: My favourite live-action/animation job despite spending two days with a hundred screaming kids!
Contact: Ian Sharp on 07789 953222

Brand: Sovereignty
Title: Army Leaving
Client: Future Iraq
Description: The message here was that some day soon the invading armies of the West might pull out of the Middle East and the battleground would become a playground again. Sadly, it’s proving to be a vain hope.
Contact: Ian Sharp on 07789 953222

Brand: Virgin Direct
Title: Dodgy Geezer
Client: Virgin
Description: I was promised three hours with Richard Branson but he’d just bought a Zeppelin or something and had a very busy schedule that day. So I rehearsed it with the crew for 3 hours while waiting for him to give me 25 minutes to shoot it…but the boy “done good”!
Contact: Ian Sharp on 07789 953222